Student Council Officer School Elections and Board Elections

  • A school wishing to run for one of the officer school positions of the Association must be a current member of the Association and must have been a member the year preceding its nomination. 
  • A school may hold only one office at a time, and current officer schools may not run for re-election while serving. 
  • In order to run for a state office, a candidate school must file a form of intent to run for office (form is available on this page...see below) along with a letter of intent signed by the principal with the TASC Director, no later than 60 days prior to the opening date of the state conference. 
  • The deadline to file to run for 2017-2018 state office and submit a general platform is February 3, 2017. 
  • Schools are encouraged to submit a general campaign platform idea at the time of filing. Regardless, a platform must be submitted no later than February 15, 2018. 
  • The school’s campaign must be conducted within limits of the TASC Board of Directors approved Campaign Rules and Regulations for the year (below). 
  • Additionally, formal technical guidelines for the campaign skit presentation must be followed. The technical guidelines will be made available to candidate schools at least 60 days before the conference. 
  • Candidate schools must create and promote a campaign platform (an idea) within the framework of a campaign theme (creative, engaging message).
  • If two campaign platforms and/or themes are similar, both schools will be informed. It is not politically advisable to have a similar platform or theme. 
  • In the case where a proposed platform or theme is identical, the second school that submits the details will be required to change.

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Intent to Run for for Board of Directors »       

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Intent to Run for State Office Form »     

Submit Intent to Run for Office including School Resume and Letter of Intent Here »  (Upload as one document.)

Campaign Budget Form »

Campaign Violation Complaint Form »

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Campaign Skit Technical Guidelines »

Writing a Campaign Platform & Theme »

Conducting a Campaign »

HS Conference Coordinator School Application »

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HS Candidates for Office 2018-2019

Candidates, please check information carefully. Any changes in the office for which you are filing or in general platform must be in the TASC office by midnight 2/3/17.  Final Platform information is due Feb. 15.  Questions about campaigns should be directed to Byron Nelson HS, TASC Vice-President advisor, Tammy McClure.



High School | Platform:  | Intent to Run & Resume

Bel Air High School | Cause the Lightning; Feel the Thunder (Take a moment to show others they matter and possibly save a life:  |  Bel Air Intent to Run & Resume

Azle High School | Unless... (Becoming the (eco)friendly state by focusing on proactive and reactive ways to lessen the waste-rate) |  Azle Intent to Run & Resume  

 Alief Elsik High School |  Join the Team, Build the Dream |  Partner with Habitat for Humanity to provide housing those who cannnt afford it |

 Elsik Intent to Run and Resume final

Vice President:

Central High School | Stop the Silence (Encourage open communication regarding suicide and thoughts of suicide)  | Central Intent to Run & Resume

Klein Forest High School |  Compassion Unites (Take on projects to encourage students to be kind and empathetic to others  | Klein Forest Intent to Run & Resume


Bridge City High School |  EmPOWERing Students to be Social Media Heroes (Partner with #icanhelp to delete negativity and cyber "crime")  Bridge City Intent to Run & Resume

Seguin High School | You're BeYOUtiful To Me | Mental Disorders are not Adjectives - A focus on mental health and tools to help end the netative stigma | Seguin Intent to Run & Resume 


Kempner High School |  Become a Master of Natural Disaster (focus on helping the homeless, cleaning the environment, making losses future gains, and make the time before and after a natural disaster more efficient)  Kempner Intent to Run & Resume

Whitehouse High School | Adopt Together (Raising awareness for and helping families fund adoption):   |  Whitehouse Intent to Run & Resume




ML Candidates for Board of Directors 2017 - 2020
John Fabro (elected to the Board November 2017)

HS Candidates for Board of Directors 2018-2021  
Jennnifer Locke, Barbers Hill High School  |  Intent to Run & Vitae 
Kelley Akins, Eastlake High School Intent to Run @ Vitae