2017 TASC Summer Leadership Workshops

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• Southwestern University #1: HS/Georgetown: June 27-July 1 (Tue-Sat)  
$350 per person | Kristi West / Antoinette Hernandez
• Angelo State University: HS/San Angelo: July 7-11 (Fri-Tues)  
$320 per person | Pat Finch / Katie Keyes
• Stephen F. Austin University: HS/Nacogdoches: July 11-15 (Tue-Sat)
$330 per person | Stacey Smith / Christi Shannon
• Trinity University #1: HS/San Antonio: July 15-19 (Sat-Wed)
$350 per person | David Womack / Courtney Goldberg
• Southwestern University #2: HS/Georgetown: July 17-21 (Mon-Fri)
$350 per person | Kristi West / Antoinette Hernandez
• Trinity #2: HS/San Antonio: July 22-26 (Sat-Wed)
$350 per person | David Womack / David Bowe
• Austin College ML: ML/Sherman: June 26-30 (Mon-Fri)
$275 per person | Vicki Long / Lisa Gilbert
• Trinity University: ML/San Antonio: July 23-27 (Sun-Thu)
$345 per person | Terri Cyphers / JJ Stroud
• One Day Workshop: ML/Houston area
@ Spring Forest MS: Oct. 9 (Mon)
$25 per person member / $30 nonmember  |  Terri Cyphers / Antoinette Hernandez

A meaningful experience that empowers student leaders
and advisors to lead effectively in schools and communities.

TASC Leadership Workshops help student leaders and advisors develop skills needed to effectively lead a student council or chapter at the campus level. In addition to learning skills and techniques to improve student council operations, delegates gain insight into their personal leadership strengths. Led by experienced educators with a strong commitment to youth programs, the workshop program has an over 50 year history of serving student councils and honor societies in Texas.

  • The TASC workshop experience establishes A POWERFUL STUDENT VOICE
    Student leaders want to contribute, to be involved, to improve. Some are natural leaders, but for most students, leadership is acquired through instruction and experiences. A desire to serve is the common denominator. Students come together to understand the passion that calls them and to cultivate their own leadership voice.
    Join teachers fulfilled by helping students  achieve their potential and Student Councils find a voice. Experience the TASC advisor network to receive training and guidance. Exceed the basic standard of student council operation in your school.
  • The TASC workshop experience connects PROVIDERS OF LEADERSHIP ESSENTIALS
    Discover the road map for student council success through in-depth training and experiential learning activities. Student council experts deliver relevant world-class curriculum and resources. Please note that some workshops are limited in the number that can attend. Registration is online. If you must have a particular workshop date, register early with a $100 deposit per attendee. Because there is a $100 fee for changes by a set deadline and there is no refund after the registration deadline, you may register for the number you are sure of and add students later for no additional fee if there is room.

Use this Advisor Planning Checklist » to get the most out of your Leadership Workshop experience.

TASC provides summer leadership workshops of a high quality and significant value to student councils in Texas. The success of the workshop program depends on the adults who give of their time and talents each summer. The roles of both the director and the consultant, although very different, are vital to accomplishing the goals and objectives of this TASC program.

Student council advisors with the skills, interest and time to serve in this capacity are encouraged to participate in the training program. TASC is interested in developing adult leaders who are willing to commit to student leadership instruction through TASC.

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