TASSP/TASC Student Leadership Class

The Texas Association of Secondary School Principals and the Texas Association of Student Councils sponsor Student Leadership, a TEA approved class. Developed originally in 1996 and most recently revised in 2019, the course curriculum is available for purchase and implementation for in secondary schools. TASSP/TASC serve as the sponsoring organization with TEA, and the course may be offered for ½ to 1 state elective credit. Schools must purchase the curriculum through TASC and complete the TASSP/TASC Participant Agreement to offer this versatile course as state credit. The curriculum may be purchased as a supplemental resource for other classes or educational purposes as well. Licensing to offer the course for state credit is provided per individual campus (school).


The revised curriculum includes in each chapter course TEKS, activities to teach key concepts, and web-based resources. The curriculum and web-based resources to accompany the course are provided via PDF. The revised curriculum also includes a Curriculum Supplement (100 pages of leadership lessons developed by leadership teachers.)

TASSP/TASC Student Leadership Course/Materials

Curriculum with 2022 approved TEKS will be updated by mid-July, 2022.

  • W-9 Request for TASC/TASSP
  • Click here to purchase the curriculum separate from the Academy attendance
     The curriculum with permission to teach the class for state credit may be purchased for $275 and includes a Curriculum Supplement (100 pages of leadership lessons written by leadership teachers.) The curriculum must be purchased per campus, not per school district. Click here to purchase.
  • If a school has previously purchased a curriculum, the updated curriculum may be purchased for $125 and includes the Curriculum Supplement.  click here »
    *Not sure if your campus has previously obtained permission to offer this class for state credit? 
    See list of approved campuses here »
  • Questions about the curriculum [email protected]


The Student Leadership Class is a course for students who seek opportunities to expand and deepen their group and individual skills in order to positively impact their lives and their community.

  • Building on collaborative skills and habits of mind, students will gain knowledge and expertise in leadership skills including goal setting, effective communication, organization time management, and collaborative strategies.
  • Students solve relevant and current school and community issues by working collaboratively and independently on high level, real-world tasks such as project proposals, portfolios, and presentations.
  • In some schools, the course is customized to meet the needs of formal student organizations such as student council.
  • However, this course is adaptable across various student needs and student populations. 

    Information regarding the course:
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    Student Leadership Course & Curriculum Academy

    July 18 - 19, 2022
    Sheraton Georgetown  Conference rates are $159 plus tax.

    Student Leadership was approved for five more years in April 2022 and has new TEKS.
    In order to continue teaching the class for state credit, the campus must be following the new TEKS and using the new Curriculum Guide.  Purchase and approval is by individual campus, not district.

    The Academy is open to any teaching or interested in teaching the TASSP State Credit Student Leadership Class as well as those who want to enhance their skills for working with a council, club, or leadership team.

    Cost: $575/$590  | $475/$490 | $375/$390 (see below)||(Note:  Price of curriculum is reduced when purchased with Academy registration. (Updated Curriculum Guide will be available in mid - July.)
    • Cost of the Academy with the curriculum and approval to teach the course for state credit is $575 per person if registered by July 4, 2022.  Cost if registered after July 4. 2022, is $590 per person.
    • Cost of the Academy with the updated curriculum guide if the curriculum has already been purchased is $475 per person if registered by July 4, 2022. Cost if registered after July 4, 2022, will be $490 per person.
    • Cost of a second person from the same school is $375 if registered by July 4, 2022.  Cost if registered after July 4, 2022, will be $390.
    • Registration closes at midnight July 13, 2022.  
    • Attendance at the Academy includes additional supplementary materials, lesson plans, activities, instruction, and individual coaching.
    • See below if you choose to purchase a curriculum without attending the Academy. (Specialized training is required by TEA.)


TASC Board of Directors Registration and Cancellation Policy: Cancellations may be made until Early Bird Registration closes. Requests for refunds or cancellations must be submitted via email  and will incur a $100 cancellation fee. No cancellations will be allowed, and no refunds will be made after that date. Those not cancelling by the Early Bird Deadline or submitting registrations after the Early Bird Deadline will be billed the full amount for all persons registered including no-shows. There will be a $100 cancellation fee for cancellations prior to Early Bird Deadline. No cancellations are available after Early Bird Deadline. Substitutions may be made. If registration is not cancelled by the stated deadline, the full amount of the registration will be charged to the school/individual.