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TASC recognizes outstanding student councils every year based on published criteria and a point system. Senior high school and middle-level plaques will be mailed in May. Each district president is responsible for ensuring that district schools are judged, and the results are reported to the TASC office.

Sweepstakes: TASC also recognizes schools that earn recognition in the areas of Pride and Patriotism (P&P); Energy and Environment (E&E); and Drugs, Alcohol, Safety and Health (DASH). A Community Service Report Form allows councils to document their efforts in community service. Councils that earn recognition in Outstanding Student Council, Pride and Patriotism, Energy and Environment, DASH, and who also submit a Community Service Report will earn a Sweepstakes Award.

All recognition areas are on one form as of August 2020. While only one report form is submitted, councils may still earn recognition in any one or all report areas.

Click here for the ML & HS REPORT FORMS for 23-24 (must be logged in and active)

Report Form Award Areas

Outstanding Student Council

TASC recognizes schools that have an overall outstanding student council. This report form serves as a model for what a well-rounded student council in Texas should be doing to be effective. The form requires documentation of student council organization and structure, specific project areas and participation in TASC programs.

Outstanding Energy & Environment Program (E&E)

The purpose of this program is to encourage student councils to participate in/conduct projects that promote environmental and energy awareness and protection.

Outstanding Drugs, Alcohol, Safety, Heath (DASH) Program

This program encourages student councils to: 1) participate in projects which promote safety awareness in the area of traffic safety, home safety, school safety, etc., 2) participate in projects to prevent drug, tobacco and alcohol abuse, and 3) to conduct health awareness campaigns with information and education regarding health issues that impact adolescents.

Outstanding Pride & Patriotism Program (P&P)

The purpose of this program is to encourage student councils to participate in/conduct projects that promote pride and patriotism. National pride and patriotism, state pride and patriotism, local (school and community) pride and individual pride are the focal points of this program.

Outstanding Community Service Program (CS)

This program encourages student councils to record and document community service activities conducted by the student council. Cash donations, service hours and donated goods are to be recorded in three areas of service: local community, state and national projects and global programs. No point total is required for recognition.

Sweepstakes Award

Student councils that receive the Outstanding Student Council Award AND are recognized in the specific areas of Energy & Environment, DASH, Pride & Patriotism and Community Service are named Sweepstakes Student Councils. 

Your school must be a current member of TASC to participate in the school recognition program.

The following are useful for council organization and/or for completing the Outstanding Student Council State Report. 

Report Forms FAQ's:

Q: What is the process for submitting completed forms?

A; All completed report forms must be submitted at the TASC District Level for point verification. Do not send individual report forms to the state office. Each TASC District has a separate and different process for verifying report completion. Schools must check with your District President school for these details.

Q: Why should we take the time to do this?

A: There are many benefits of participation in the TASC Recognition Program: (1) provides incentives and rewards for student work (2) tangible recognition is good for PR and gaining support of your administration, faculty and community (3) provides structure, organization and clear purpose for projects being done on your campus.

Q: When do we start working on these?

A: Although the temptation would be to begin filling the forms out shortly before they are due, it is more beneficial to begin your year with the forms. Use the forms as an outline to plan the year’s events and activities.

Q: Can a specific project be recorded more than once?

A: YES and NO! YES…If a project serves two or more objectives (ex. a DASH project also meets Pride and Patriotism needs); the project can be recorded in multiple report forms. As long as the member school can demonstrate how the project applies in a specific area, it can be used on multiple forms. HOWEVER, the same project may not be recorded in more than one category on the same report form, even if it applies in multiple categories.

Q: What is the definition of documentation?

A: Required documentation is outlined specifically in the actual report form. A suggested format is provided and following this format is to be considered sufficient documentation for TASC recognition. For most projects, additional documentation, such as pictures or newspaper clippings is not required. If additional documentation is required, this will be specified on the report form.

Q: If a project that can fall into a report is being done at our school, but not by student council, can we count it?

A: In order to receive credit for any project implemented on your campus, the student council must be involved in the planning and implementation of the project. This does not mean that your student council cannot work in conjunction with other groups on campus to plan and implement projects, even in a secondary role. However, in order to count the project, the student council must have an active role (not just a member of the student council participating). For example, just because your student council president is also a cheerleader does not necessarily mean your council can claim pep rallies as a student council project (unless the student council has an active role in part of the planning/implementation).

Q: How, when and where are report forms submitted?

A: The date, location and process for verifying school report forms is set by your TASC District. This does vary among TASC Districts, so be sure to check early and often with your TASC District President or Advisor to verify the due date and process. DO NOT SEND REPORT FORMS TO THE TASC STATE OFFICE.

Q: What is the process for being recognized with a TASC state level award?

A: It is the duty of the TASC District President to organize the process for verifying report form completion and providing a report to the state office that lists recognized schools. This is a verification process, rather than a judging process, as this is not a competition. The verification of projects is to ensure that projects are properly categorized and documented and the forms are completed and points are totaled accurately.

Q: Can THE SAME report forms be reused from year to year?

A: NO! Make sure you are using the report form noted with the current school year. The TASC Board of Directors reviews project report forms annually to ensure that areas are current and reflect the needs of schools and expectations of the association.

Q: Whom can I contact to help me better understand the forms?

A: For assistance with TASC Project Report forms, contact your TASC District President School or District Coordinator.

Award Winning Schools in TASC

The following schools have been reported as Award-Winning Schools by their TASC District President School. If there are errors, notify your District President School. Changes can only be made to this list following an email message from the District President explaining necessary changes.

If you feel there are errors on this report, please contact your district president school advisor immediately who can contact the TASC office to make corrections. TASC cannot make modifications to the master spreadsheet without a written request from the district president.