Advisor Recognition Overview

Eddie G. Bull TASC State Advisor of the Year Award »   

Eddie G. Bull served TASC for more than 30 years. Under his leadership, TASC grew to more than 1300 member schools and expanded services to Texas students and advisors. Each TASC District selects one high school and one middle level district advisor. District winners are eligible to complete the state application which emphasizes state, district and local activities. One high school advisor and one middle school advisor is named the TASC Eddie G. Bull State Advisor of the Year.

Warren E. Shull National Advisor of the Year Award »

One advisor from high school and one from middle level will go forward at the Texas nominees for the Texas nominees for the Warren E. Shull National Advisor of the Year Award. Applicants should be involved in student council at all levels, including nationally.  Districts may nominate for this award; advisors may self-nominate or nominate each other. All nominations must be sent submitted by September 26; the TASC office will send one middle level and one high school application forward by the December 1 deadline.

Pat M. Kirschner Award »

The TASC Board of Directors created this award in 1987 to recognize outstanding contributions to the TASC Summer Leadership Workshop Program. In order to be nominated, the recipient must have served for 10 or more years as a Summer Workshop Director or Consultant and be retired from Workshop service. The Board must vote to present the award. The first award was presented to Pat M. Kirschner, Advisor from Ball HS, Galveston who served as a TASC Workshop Consultant and mentor to many who continued to develop the program after her retirement.

Texas Star Award »

Established in 2000, this award was presented on TASC Board directive to exceptional advisors who served TASC for 30 years or more.  Beginning in 2019, the Texas Star Aware is presented on Board directive to TASC advisors, TASC staff, or alumni who have given exceptional service or brought exceptional recognition to TASC.  They are the heroes of the Texas Association of Student Councils.

Earl Reum Award »

The Earl Reum Award (formerly the Workshop Director of the Year Award) was created in 1991 to honor the work of Dr. Earl Reum and to recognize individuals for their valuable work with advisors to help them promote and enhance student activities throughout the nation. Individuals may be nominated by their state or other individuals or may self-nominate.

TASC Advisor Service Pins »

TASC recognizes advisors for years of service to student council and TASC. Pins are given at five year intervals (5 yr. pin, 10 yr. pin, 15 yr. pin, 20 yr. pin and 25 yr. pin). Additionally, the Board can elect to award the Texas Star Award to sponsors for 30 years of service. High School Advisors are recognized at the High School Annual Conference and Middle Level Advisors at the Middle Level Conference in November. In order to be recognized, please submit the service pin form to TASC. Recognition will be held during the respective Advisor Business Meetings. Retiring advisors who have served for 5 or more years, are recognized with a plaque at each Annual Conference.