Student Leadership Store

Student Leadership Store

Thank you for shopping with TASC. Please review our shopping list for items that may be ordered.

  • Complete the shopping list/order form and email it to  Alice. ([email protected])
  • She will add shipping costs and send you an invoice.
  • If you need to speak with her, you can reach her at 512-443-2100 ext. 8511.
  • (We do require payment (not a PO) prior to shipping merchandise.)

Merchandise Images  of specialty items

If you are ordering the Student Leadership Course and/or seeking TEA approval to teach it for state credit, you will need to complete the form seeking that approval. Click this link to access more information about the course and/or the Academy for Teachers of Leadership. Members must log in to order the course. Non-members will need to create a profile.

If you need more information about the state credit leadership course or any of our resources, please contact Terry via email or at 512-443-2100 ext. 8517.

You may also purchase the Student Leadership Curriculum Supplement, which is highly recommended, from the TASC Store. CLICK HERE to order online.


Student Leadership Course

 To purchase the Student Leadership Course and obtain TASSP/TEA approval  Click here

  • You may purchase a copy of the curriculum approved in April, 2019, for $50 if your school has prior approval from TASSP/TEA to teach the course.   
  •  Click here to access a list of schools with prior approval to teach the course. 
  • We highly recommend the Leadership Course Curriculum Supplement which can be purchased from the TASC store.