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TASC promotes, develops, and empowers leadership development through student councils and advisors in secondary schools in Texas.

Thank you for your commitment to student leadership in Texas. A student council is a group of students who work with an adult advisor who is essential to the success of the council. TASC is here to provide you and your students the resources and experiences to enhance your effectiveness in your schools as your council delivers the three elements that make TASC a special organization: relationship, voice, and ownership.

Student Council is designed to be the umbrella organization for all activities on a campus. It is the one organization that cares about the success of the entire school and every group in it. Your participation in district and state activities will provide a network of advisors who can provide you with guidance and training as well as friendship.

The website, the Advisor Resource Guide, the access to help with issues, and the newsletter make a membership worthwhile even if the council cannot ever attend a meeting beyond the school. However, we have a wide variety of experiences that vary in cost. From our summer leadership workshops, which are the heart of our training program to district meetings, there is something for everyone. Thank you for making this experience available to your members. Please call on us if there is anything we can do to help.

Best wishes as you guide your students on this journey of leadership. Have a great year.

   -- Patty Wangler, TASC Director

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Advisor Resources: