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Listed below are speakers who have addressed TASC conference within the past few years. The conference and year of their most recent engagement with TASC are partially noted (AC: Annual High School Conference, AW: Advisors’ Workshop, ML, Middle Level Annual Conference, ALW: Advanced Leadership Workshop)

Name  Phone Number Website
Kathleen Hilchey
Alex Sezer
Scott Backovich (Advanced and Advisors Workshop)
Grant Baldwin (AC ’11)
John Beede (AC '19) 1-800-254-6266
Phil Boyte (AW ’16)      1-800-874-1100
Rolfe Carawan (AC’ 06)         1-800-258-3966
Danny Vuong Batimana
Lizzie Perez
Tyson Dever (AC’ 13)        1-512-554-3436
Kim Karr (ML '20)
Lyn Fiscus (AW ’10)
Dr. Michael "Mykee" Fowlin (AC '13)
Kate Gladdin (AC '21)   [email protected] 
Ed Gerety (AC ’08)             1-800-207-2580
Scott Greenberg (ADV '14, Adv. '14)       1-800-450-0432
Keith Hawkins (AC ’10 and 17, Advisors 23) 1-888-604-4295
 A'ric Jackson (ALW '19)
Juan Bendana (AC ' 21)
Shaun Derek   The Fisher Agency [email protected] 
Micah Jacobson (ML ’11) 1-800-688-7578 [email protected]
Sara Nilles   work2bewell  [email protected]
Harriett Turk   [email protected] 
Terri Johnson (AW ' 20)   [email protected]
Houston Kraft (Adv. '20)
Patrick Perez (ML '18)
Judson Laipply (AW ' 20)
Alvin Law (AC ‘11)       1-403-873-8149
Dr. Tim Elmore (AW)
Michelle McGrath (AW)   [email protected]
Paul Branagan (AW)   [email protected]
Lou Miller (Adv. '14)    [email protected]
Brene Brown (AW)
Monte Selby (ML '12)
JC Pohl (AW ' 13)   [email protected]
Josh Shipp (AC '12)
Eddie Slowikowski (AC ' 15) 
Lori Hayes (AW '20)
Bob Tryanski (AW ’07)         1-800-207-9313
Harriet Turk (Adv '12)
Mark Scharenbroich (AC ‘11)     1-952-939-9080
Bob Upgren (AC ’07, ML ’08)
Kevin Wanzer (AC ’06) 1-800-4 KEVIN W
Ted Wiese (AC '14)
Stu Cabe (ML '17, ADV W '18)
David Edward Garcia (ML '18)
Kevin Laue (ML '16)
John Norlin (Adv. W '20)
Carlos Ojeda (ADV '18)
Kyle Willkom (ML '18)

TASC Consultants

The following individuals served as Consultants at TASC Summer Workshops in 2022. Each school or district is responsible for contacting these people individually, if they wish to use their services, and for any fees and expenses incurred.

Antoinette Hernandez Incarnate Word Academy [email protected]
Katie Keyes Boswell High School Katie Keyes <[email protected]
Laurie Zuehlke Montgomery ISD [email protected]  
 Jennifer Nguyen  Arlington High School  [email protected]