Student Council Job Duties

The exact duties and responsibilities of officers will vary according to local council constitutions.



The person responsible for the job must know what that job is! Each officer has specific work to achieve and functions to perform. However, even the job description is subject to personal perceptions of what constitutes that job, and co-workers, constituents, and political rivals have other ideas.

Obligations and responsibilities of officers, members and committees should be written, analyzed and evaluated annually. Obligations of office should be listed along with purposes, opportunities and the channels of procedure.

Duties of office should include relationship with others in Council, the procedures and the objectives. There should be a recognition of available resources and equipment for achieving Council goals.

Group and member roles played and status requirement fulfilled by individuals are vital ideas. Both officers and members must be informed about the Council, its committees, its leadership and its progress in reaching objectives. Obligations to the community should be listed as well.


I. Student Body President

A. Represent the student body at school district and civic events and other meetings.
B. Be responsible for coordinating the interviewing, selection and functioning of committee chairpersons and task forces.
C. Supervise the functioning of the elected student body officers.
D. Develop the agenda for and preside over the meetings of Student Council.

II. Student Body Vice-President

A. Represent the student body at school district, civic events, and other meetings as requested by the president.
B. Coordinate the work of committees.
C. Preside over Student Council meetings in the absence of the president.

III. Student Body Secretary

A. Maintain the student body files.
B. Prepare agendas for meetings.
C. Take and distribute minutes of meetings.
D. Represent the student body at school district, civic functions, and other meetings as requested by the president.
E. Type material for student body officers and committee chairpersons as needed.
F. Sign all purchase orders.

IV. Student Body Treasurer

A. Coordinate the preparation of the annual budget.
B. Present the proposed budget to Student Council for adoption.
C. Maintain financial records of the student body.
D. Prepare financial reports for meetings of Student Council.
E. Assist the bookkeeper with sales as necessary.
F. Coordinate fund raising projects for the student body.
G. Sign all purchase orders.

V. Student Body Historian

A. Gather materials in preparation for the Student Council Scrapbook.
B. Be responsible for the completion of the scrapbook.
C. Maintain a file of materials about activities of the school.
D. Make sure pictures are taken of all activities.
E. Coordinate work on other historical presentations (i.e., slide shows, video).

VI. Student Body Parliamentarian

A. Provide advice on questions of parliamentary procedure.
B. Make the Council members aware of good parliamentary practices.

VII. Student Body Reporter

A. Write, edit, and submit stories about the Council to the school paper and local media.
B. Organize publicity for Student Council meetings and events.

VIII. Committee Chairperson

A. Recruit members of the committee.
B. Call and preside over meetings of the committee.
C. Inform officers of progress and problems which arise.
D. Delegate tasks of committee and follow up with members to be sure plans are completed.

IX. The Council Member

A. Communicate ideas from the student body to the Council.
B. Report to the class the results of Council action.
C. Serve on or chair committees.
D. Volunteer as needed.