The first ever Coast to Coast Leadership Skills Training
is open for registration NOW! 
Join the Texas delegation!

Student Council experts from seven states are combining their knowledge and skills to provide this training.

Deadline to register is noon September 26, 2020. (There is limited space available so please register ASAP to ensure your team’s spot).  When you register, enter specific emails for each person.  Entry is based on a unique username (email) and password for each person.  You will get those from [email protected]  You will also get an email from Matt Alley in Michigan.  Be sure to tell your student to look at those as they may go to junk mail.

Tuesday, September 29, 2020 | 6:00p - 8:30p CT

This Tuesday evening experience is tailored for training new ML and HS leaders.

Interact with student leaders and advisors from across the US! Gain expertise to build a successful year in this time of change.


See our invitation here

Worksho:  ps include:

• Parliamentary Procedure (led by the National Association of Parliamentarians Director)
• Effective Meeting Skills
• Group Dynamics
• Empowering Student Voice
• Effective Communication
• Conducting Elections + Voting
• Middle School Magic
• Equity/Social Justice
• Mental Health Awareness

Register Now!
• You will need names, email addresses, and cell phone numbers for all registrants.
• Registration is by teams of 10 delegates for $100 per team. You register as a team of 10, and you may register more than one team! (Feel free to combine five from one school and five from another. However, they must be registered as one team, and the invoice will be sent to the advisor who registers the team.)
• Registration Deadline: September 21, 2020 (limited space so it may close sooner than the registration deadline).
• Cancellation is not allowed, but substitutions can be made. Contact Lori De Leon for substitutions

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For more information about the workshop, email [email protected]
For information about registration, email [email protected]